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I'm a paragraph. I'm connected to your collection through a dataset. To update me, go to the Data Manager. The Data Manager is where you store data to use in your site pages, or collect data from site visitors when they submit a form. This collection in the Data Manager is already set up with some fields and content. To customize it with your own content, you can import a CSV file or simply edit the placeholder text. You can also add more fields which you can connect to other page elements so the content displays on your published site. Remember to sync the collection so your content is live! You can add as many new collections as you need to store or collect data. With Presets, we’ve handled the page set up for you, but you can create the exact same functionality in your other site pages. To connect page elements to data, the first step is to add a dataset to the page and choose the collection you want to use. From the dataset Settings panel, you can filter or sort the available items, decide how your users can interact with the page (read/write), and more. Next, select the element you want to connect to the data, and choose the field you want to connect it to. So simple! If you want to add even more capabilities, enable Developer Tools to use JavaScript and APIs to add custom interactions and functionality to your site. To see what’s possible and get answers to your questions, check out the Wix Code Forum.



SCANN - Street Children Assistance Network of Nakuru

SCANN unterstützen wir seit dem Jahr 2016 und finanzieren jedes Jahr die Schulgebühren, Schuluniformen und alles Schulmaterial für alle Kinder.

Partner Schweiz

we car 4

Partner lokal


Anzahl Menschen geholfen

CHF 50'000.-

Total aller Spenden aus den Events - 100% fliessen in dieses Projekt.

CHF 12'150.-

Total Ausgaben für alle Events - finanziert durch die Stiftung.

Finanziert von Spendern aus diesen Events.

#WanderWunder 2020

#letsMOVEtogether 2020

CHF 00'000.-

CHF 00'000.-

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