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Lionel Poggio

Dear friends

After a successful completion of RAAM it is time to think about the next challenge. For once it is not only about cycling but the main goal is to help a good cause, namely the foundation Summits4Hope, helping kids in Maputo, Mozambique, with various projects.

Numerous RAAM cyclists use the race to do fundraising for various organisations. It was inspiring to see the various projects supported this year and it motivated me to do something similar during the next Tortour, August 18-19th 2023. I will participate to the new race format ‘Tortour myself’. The route is a 48 km loop which I will try to do as many times as possible in 24 hours. Start is on Friday, 5pm and the deadline is midnight on Saturday. 

As mentioned above I will be raising funds for 2,300 children in Maputo, Mozambique, where Summits4Hope is supporting a new WASH project at two primary schools.

All information about this can be found under MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT by clicking HERE.

I would be very happy if you would support me and the Summits4Hope Foundation with a donation so that Summits4Hope can build a new water supply and gender-appropriate sanitary facilities for these children in Mozambique, as well as teach the children hygiene lessons and provide them with soap and hygiene products.

Thank you from the bottom of my hearts and I look forward to a lot of support!




Lionel Poggio

unterstützt du ausschliesslich über dieses Spendenformular!

Bitte wähle hier zuerst den Spendenbetrag oder setze einen eigenen Betrag fest und clicke auf SPENDEN. Schon kannst du alle weiteren Angaben ergänzen.


Stunde 1-3 = Seife/Hygiene-Unterricht für 1 Kind plus Neubau der WASH-Infrastruktur


Stunde 4-6 = Seife/Hygiene-Unterricht für 2 Kinder plus Neubau der WASH-Infrastruktur


Stunde 7-9 = Seife/Hygiene-Unterricht für 3 Kinder plus Neubau der WASH-Infrastruktur


Stunde 10-12 = Seife/Hygiene-Unterricht für 4 Kinder plus Neubau der WASH-Infrastruktur


Stunde 16-18 = Seife/Hygiene-Unterricht für 6 Kinder plus Neubau der WASH-Infrastruktur


Stunde 22-24 = Seife/Hygiene-Unterricht für 8 Kinder plus Neubau der WASH-Infrastruktur

Lionel Poggio

sponserst du mit einer Spende an diesem Event:


Deine Spende fliesst zu 100% in die Renovation und dem Neubau von gendergerechten Wasser- und Santitäranlagen an den Primarschulen 10 de Julho und Saul Felipe Tembe in Maputo, Mosambik, inlusive


Einführung von WASH- und Umweltbildung durch Workshops und andere Lernformen


Regelmässige und zuverlässige Versorgung mit Seife und Hygieneprodukten


CHF 30 helfen 1 Kind


Wir finanzieren alle Betriebskosten der Stiftung aus privaten Mitteln damit 100% deiner Spende zur Bekämpfung der Armut eingesetzt werden kann.

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